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Getting a little closer

AvengeMySoul Admin posted Fri at 1:26

The last few days pace has slowed a little on the Altis Life server updates but we are still working hard to get it released as soon as possible, with Tanyol working on custom skins for the Rebels, Jamie working on the map and getting Rebels into the game, and myself working on a few skins and will be editing the main Police HQ and some other map features as soon as Jamie has finished.

Keeping the news on the site hasn't been our priority but I will do a big update this weekend with what has been going on.

We are looking for someone to make us a video to advertise the forum and servers, if you would like to give that a go please contact me and I will let you know what kind of thing we are looking for.

As always we appreciate any input from our members! It doesn't go unnoticed like it does in some other clans/communities!


The Grey Wolf Gaming Administration and Development Team

Community Help

AvengeMySoul Admin posted Tue at 3:00
Here at Grey Wolf Gaming we love to have input from our members. Today our good friend and future Rebel leader, Tanyol, wanted to help out by creating the Rebel HQ, he was a little unsure on how to use the map editor but after a quick lesson he soon picked it up and has now created a great base that has now been added to the map awaiting the Rebel faction to be added.

So a big thank you to Tanyol for the Rebel HQ, I look forward to seeing what other ideas you come up with for the map!

Also a big thanks to Nick(Paradox) who is currently working on the secondary Rebel base and a shooting range for Civilians to use.

The shooting range will be used for future events where you could win Steam games or in game items, so keep an eye out for those in the future!

The Grey Wolf Gaming Administration and Development Team

Altis Life Testing

JamieWood_x Admin posted Sun at 2:19
Our Altis Life server is now running, we're still currently setting it up and configuring everything, if you're interested in helping us test/develop, then let either me or Danny know.

Thanks for your continued interest, and make sure you invite your friends.
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