Hi guys, I've been having a chat with some members and Jamie and we came to the conclusion that we will consider making a new Altis Life (Arma 3 RP) server again if we get enough interest.

If you are interested or have any ideas for the Altis Life server please email them to this will help us gauge the interest in the server and also keep any ideas/suggestions in the same place so we can access them easily. 

The GreyWolfGaming Admin and Development team.


AvengeMySoul posted May 15, 15

First of all we would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to check out our Minecraft server and an extra thank you to everyone who has continued to play on the server! The server is doing really well and we are always seeing new players online!

We have a Build Of The Month competition going over on the forums we will also be having other events held now we have appointed an events and community manager.

A little note about Greifing, Greifing consists of destroying, damaging or stealing from another persons house, this is against the rules. If you want to report any Greifing please post it on the Minecraft section of the Forum or message myself (AvengeMySoul), Jamie (JamieLFC), Allergy_Man or Julia in game and we will deal with it.

Multiple offences may lead to a ban on the server. Our server is a friendly survival server and we would like it to stay greif free.


As most of the members know we have had a great team of people working on the Minecraft server to get it ready for the public, the server is now ready and has been live for a few days now and it is going really well! If you like Minecraft then go check out the server!

We will soon be hosting a Garry's Mod server, the details of this will be released shortly but for now we want to hear your say, what type of Garry's Mod server would YOU like to see?

Myself and Jamie will be starting work on the Altis Life server in the next week or so, we will once again be looking for people to come test for us, anyone who actively helps out in the testing phase will be rewarded once the server goes live to the public!

Another thing we will be adding soon is VIP status in our servers and on the website.
VIP is for donating members and there will be perks in ALL our servers for anyone who wishes to donate.
Donations are not required to gain access to these features it just helps you get them a lot faster.
You will also have a special VIP rank in all our servers and a reserved slot in all of our servers too.

We are still discussing what VIP members will get in each game server.

If you are part of a Gaming Clan and use our servers you are welcome to use our Teamspeak server.
We have a very large TS3 server and we don't mind giving you a private room for you and your Clan to use.

The Grey Wolf Gaming Administration Team

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