Hello everyone, first off I'd like to thank all the active members for being a part of the community and supporting Grey Wolf Gaming.

I'll start off with the bad news, well, it's not that bad really it's more of an annoyance to me and Jamie but it is out of our hands unfortunately.
Basically the creator of Altis Life has stepped down from the project and is waiting for his co-developer to take over.
What does that mean for us? It means that we are unable to access the information needed to add a new faction (Rebels) to our server.
So our Altis Life server is on hold until we can access that information again, the server is still online for testing and will continue to stay online, myself and Jamie are just slowing down the pace of developing our server until someone takes over at AltisLifeRPG.

Now for the GOOD news!

I have been talking with Jamie and we have agreed to start up some more servers, some will come sooner than others, I will list below what we have confirmed to be starting, the top in the list is what will come first and so on.
Counter Strike: Global Offensive (Competitive)
Battlefield 4
Battlefield 3
Battlefield Hardline (When released)

If you would like a server for another game adding to the list please contact me or Jamie and we will discuss this with you.

A DayZ Standalone server will be coming when we have enough people to warrant us buying a server.

I just wanted to say Welcome to the new members and also welcome to anyone viewing the site.

Why not post an introduction on the forums so we can get to know you!

Members who create videos for YouTube can message me or Jamie with a link to your channel and some videos and we will add them to the Videos tab on the website.

The Grey Wolf Gaming Administration Team

The last few days pace has slowed a little on the Altis Life server updates but we are still working hard to get it released as soon as possible, with Tanyol working on custom skins for the Rebels, Jamie working on the map and getting Rebels into the game, and myself working on a few skins and will be editing the main Police HQ and some other map features as soon as Jamie has finished.

Keeping the news on the site hasn't been our priority but I will do a big update this weekend with what has been going on.

We are looking for someone to make us a video to advertise the forum and servers, if you would like to give that a go please contact me and I will let you know what kind of thing we are looking for.

As always we appreciate any input from our members! It doesn't go unnoticed like it does in some other clans/communities!


The Grey Wolf Gaming Administration and Development Team

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