AvengeMySoul posted Jun 22, 15

There has been a few reports of greifing etc recently that have been posted in the wrong section of the website, to make sure we see and can reply to your reports please post all reports HERE

Failure to post in the correct section may result in us missing your report and therefore you not receiving the help you require.

GreyWolfGaming Staff

ARK update

AvengeMySoul posted Jun 6, 15

Our ARK: Survival Evolved servers are now running the latest version (V171.21)

We aim to keep our servers running on the latest version.

Down time between updates is (usually) around 2 minutes.

If you have any questions or comments about the server feel free to post them on the forums or join our TeamSpeak server @ and talk to one of the Admins or Moderators.

We now have an ARK server up and running!!!

The easiest way to find our server due to the amount of servers and current lack of search function in game is to follow these instructions

Right click Steam on your task bar > Servers

Select ARK as the game > Sort alphabetically > Scroll down to our server

Alternatively click this link and click to join one of our servers!


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